CUMMINS FRAME gets PREPPED for PAINT (undercoating) Locally At 93111 Santa Barbara CA

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Latest Dodge RAM – CUMMINS FRAME gets PREPPED for PAINT (undercoating) – 93111 Santa Barbara CA July 2018.

CUMMINS FRAME gets PREPPED for PAINT (undercoating). I’ve started to prep the frame on my 2nd gen 5.9L 24 Valve Cummins for undercoating. After 17 years of Northern winters the 2nd gen Cummins definitely has some rust starting to show on the frame rails, but it is early enough to where it can be saved and the frame can be undercoated for protection. I will make a video when I undercoat the frame and showing how to undercoat a truck frame and what steps I take in doing so. I did find a couple spots under the truck cab on the 24 valve Cummins that are rusted out far more than I wish they were. It saddens me to know that the winter months have caught up to the truck finally and I would like to look into repairing rust in those couple areas before next winter. Luckily they are under the truck cab, so any body work I do won’t be seen and it doesn’t have to look pretty. It is a good area for me to learn body work on as I try to repair it protecting the truck cab from winter weather. We also located the rear end clunk noise thanks to Diesel Syndicate and his recommendation. The tailgate on the Cummins is missing a bushing at the left side hinge and it bounces up and down when going over bumps causing the rear end clunk noise. I will be taking care of that and hopefully doing away with the clunking noise real soon! There is still a lot to do for the truck frame repair/rust removal so that I can paint it though. I’ll be working on it in upcoming videos with other things and there will be a video soon enough on truck frame painting/undercoating.

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Here is a list of parts that I use on my 01 24 Valve Cummins:

XD Misfit Rims:
Goodyear Duratracs:
Governor Solenoid/ Filter Kit:
Big Honkin Air Filter:
Mopar Oil Filter:
Rotella 15w40 Oil:
Rotella 5w40 Oil:
Auxbeam f-16 L.E.D. head lights:
L.E.D. Reverse Lights:
Auxbeam 3′ L.E.D. Pods:
Donaldson Filters:
BD Diesel Noise Isolator:
Interior LED bulbs:
Smoked Cab Lights:
3m Stripe Off Wheel:
Grille Emblem:
Door Badges
Bilstein 5100 Shocks:
Water Pump:

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CUMMINS FRAME gets PREPPED for PAINT (undercoating) Dodge Ram Frame

July 2018 CUMMINS FRAME gets PREPPED for PAINT (undercoating) local 93111 Santa Barbara CA.

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