CURE Dodge Air suspension Compressor Stalled in City 11582 Valley Stream NY

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Latest Dodge RAM – CURE Dodge Air suspension Compressor Stalled – 11582 Valley Stream NY Sep 2018.

Make sure to check out the latest videos on this issue and upgrade the breaker, add de-icer lubricant and install a inverter if needed in extreme cold locations.

LOCATION: Alberta/Canada
TEMPERATURES: +35’C to -40’C
So this is a CURE to MOST problems that you might find with a Dodge air suspension. The compressor itself is fairly tough, but in cold weather it gets a little tighter and won’t spin as easy.
Below -10’C you start seeing issues with the compressor being stalled, not necessarily due to water in the lines, but due to the tight tolerances.
Install a $32 dollar heater blanket to extend the life and make it work after a 20 minute warm up.

I have been using the truck for a little over a week now, after the install and in -25’C weather. It has been working 100% EXCEPT when I got on the road and it would eventually cool the compressor down. I have not yet installed a cord to go inside the truck WHILE DRIVING.

it works VERY reliably now. The only problem I had was ONCE again after -21’C weather, going down the highway for an hour. AFTER running this setup for 3 weeks, it actually got better and better, without the need to plug in at all (maybe removed the moisture through the heat). The second week in having the blanket, plugging in seemed more like an insurance. Best thing I could do to this thing!

Battery Blanket (50W TEMRO):

CURE Dodge Air suspension Compressor Stalled Dodge Ram Air Suspension

Sep 2018 CURE Dodge Air suspension Compressor Stalled in city 11582 Valley Stream NY.

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