Dodge Ram TRX Truck Modified, ALL GREY Cullinan. in City 94121 San Francisco CA

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Latest Dodge RAMDodge Ram TRX Truck Modified, ALL GREY Cullinan. – 91108 San Marino CA Sep 2021.

You guys already know we work on all types of vehicles and trucks! Today we show you the talk of the town truck, The Dodge Ram TRX! This bad ass truck was wrapped in a satin khaki color which really work well with the New larger bronze wheels! We also lifted the front end to level it and added a upgraded front bumper with more lights!

Yes, we do ALOT of Cullinans! As you guys also know we do everything in house so we fully strtipped the trims on this one and painted it all to the factory color, Burn Out Grey! We also added 26″ RDB Wheels we painted to Burnout Grey! Really unique and clean look!

As usual we throw in the usual fun we have at the shop to make things enjoyable with all the hard work that comes with it. Special guest appearance by Gigi Papasavvas!


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Dodge Ram TRX Truck Modified, ALL GREY Cullinan. Dodge Ram New Body Style

Feb 2021 Dodge Ram TRX Truck Modified, ALL GREY Cullinan. Area Code 4092 Westbrook ME.

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