How to Replace the Hood Lift Supports on a Dodge Ram Locally At 20597 Washington DC

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Latest Dodge RAM – How to Replace the Hood Lift Supports on a Dodge Ram – 13491 West Winfield NY Jan 2021.

How to replace the hood struts on a 3rd generation Dodge Ram. This is a 2006 model and a similar procedure may apply to other generations too. Your truck will take two, one on each side. Bad hood struts will no longer support the hood and this is especially noticeable when it’s cold out. #dodge #mopar #dodgeram


Tools/Supplies Needed:
-hood struts
-clean rag

Here I have the two new replacements, typically these do have grease applied inside the ball socket for smoother operation. There wasn’t much grease in these so I applied a little more.

This can be done without a helping hand, either by holding the hood up yourself or using something to prop it up. Make sure all your tools and the new struts are within reaching distance.

First is removing the old strut, if there is already an issue with the hood staying up, it’ll be worse when one strut is disconnected.

Using a standard screwdriver or pry tool, disconnect the clips by pulling it out and make sure it doesn’t snap into place.

Do the same for the opposite side too. It doesn’t matter which end you start with.

These may pop out easily or you’ll need to give it a little force, depends how well the clip is disconnected.

Disconnect the opposite side and don’t let go of the hood.

Clean off the old grease or remove any dirt using a clean rag. A light amount of solvent can be used too.

Install the new struts in the same orientation, there is no need to pop out the clips and they can be snapped into place. Ensure it’s clipped in on both ends.

Moving onto the opposite side, closer view of disconnecting that clip. Sometimes you can slip the clip out, however, you can risk slipping with the tool and damaging surrounding components.

Pop-out the clip on the opposite side now.

And now remove the strut.
Clean up the pivot points with the clean rag.

And now snap in the new replacement strut.

Once done, you’ll now have properly functioning hood struts and the hood is now properly supported.

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How to Replace the Hood Lift Supports on a Dodge Ram Dodge Ram Hood Struts

July 2018 How to Replace the Hood Lift Supports on a Dodge Ram in 40387 Wellington KY.

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