2001 Dodge Grand Caravan Moderate Overlap Crash Test [IIHS] (SECOND RETEST) Near Max 69037 NE

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Update DODGE Caravan With Dodge Caravan Gas Tank – 2001 Dodge Grand Caravan Moderate Overlap Crash Test [IIHS] (SECOND RETEST) Near Max 69037 NE.

Applies to 2001/2002-07 models

Rating: Acceptable

A 2001 Dodge Grand Caravan was crash tested on May 2, 2001 into a fixed deformable barrier at
40 mi/h (64.4 km/h) and a 40 percent overlap on the driver side. A Hybrid III 50th percentile
male dummy was positioned in the driver seat with the lap/shoulder belt fastened.

IIHS evaluated the crashworthiness of the Grand Caravan in three 40 mph frontal offset crash tests. After the first test (CF00028), DaimlerChrysler indicated the results were different from tests the company had conducted and requested a retest. Results of the second test (CEF0102) were more consistent with company
test results for structural performance, but a fuel leak occurred,
revealing a weakness in the design of a circular fitting where the fuel lines exit the fuel tank. A third test (CEF0111) was conducted after DaimlerChrysler made a design change to fix the fuel tank fitting and retrofitted a 2001 model with the redesign (all 2002 and later models include the modification). The results from the three tests were combined and averaged to obtain the listed IIHS ratings.

Measures of intrusion taken after the crash indicated the lower instrument panel in front of the
dummy moved rearward 1-2 cm. Resultant intrusion in the driver footwell measured 9 cm in the
area where a footrest typically would be located and 19-24 cm at other places on the toepan. All
doors remained closed during the crash. After the crash, the left rear door required tools to open.
The driver door and right front door required additional effort but no tools to open, and the right
rear door opened with ease. Bending of the driver seat pedestals and floor buckling caused the
seat to pitch considerably forward and tip slightly outward. The seat was also twisted

The driver dummy was restrained by a three-point lap/shoulder belt and an airbag. During the
crash, the belt crash tensioner on the buckle end of the belt activated and shortened the buckle by
3 cm. A total amount of 19 cm of webbing spooled off the retractor, including the amount pulled
out by the shortening of the buckle and about 17 cm from the force-limiting mechanism. The
deploying airbag contacted the dummy’s chest and face. As the dummy’s face loaded the airbag,
the steering column tilted upward. Upon rebound, the right upper rear of the dummy’s head
contacted the head restraint. After the crash, the upper end of the steering column had moved
upward 9 cm and forward 2 cm.

The maximum left femur axial force was –7.7 kN and remained above –6.1 kN for
9 ms. The maximum right lower tibia L-M moment was –239 Nm, significantly contributing to
the right lower tibia index of 1.27. The maximum right tibia axial force was –6.6 kN.

HIC – Head Injury Criterion

HIC (Driver): 682

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