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I knew the fuel pump would stop working one day, it’s just a matter of time, when the vehicle has close to 280.000 kilometers. So I decided to prepare and get the fuel pump exchanged, before being stranded somewhere on a highway and then to get towed home or a shop and then pay huge bucks for something I can do myself. Anyway, I researched for a good price for the pump first and found the best deal online, at Amazon Canada, for CAN$ 81.-, with taxes for around CAN$ 90.-. Free delivery was included, I got it after one week. Before I received the pump, I decided to cut the access hole into the flooor, to make the exchange really fast, as soon I got the pump. Finding the exact location, where to cut, was not too hard, just checking under the vehicle and measuring and marking with a permanent pen, etc. The metal is really thin and no problem to cut. Just be careful not to cut int the gasoline hose and some other hose, etc. Tie it with a wire out of the way, etc. I also used a wood block under the saw at some point, so to lift the saw blade higher and not to cut into the gas tank, where it is higher and almost touching the floor. Anyway, I used six little metal pieces and a few metal screws, to close the hole again, with the piece I cut out. When I got the pump after a week, I just unscrewed that metal piece, disconnected the electical connection and the one gas line. Yes, the gas did spray out a little bit, even though I cranked the engine, after I had disconnected the electrical connection. The hardest part was turning the stupid metal ring counterclockwise, it’s hard to get the perfect angle when using a hammer and punch, screwdriver, etc. The taking out of the old fuel pump and inserting the new fuel pump was the easiest part of the whole process. Then just reconnect everything, close and screw the “metal lid”, put the carpet back and the seat, etc. Doing the fuel pump change in two steps, first cutting the access hole and later exchanging the fuel pump definitely must be easier this way, instead of the whole dropping of the fuel tank, more lines involved doing it that way, too, etc. Anyway, makes me wonder WHY the auto manufacturers not build the vehicles with an access panel for a fuel pump change in the first place, it would make it so much easier and cheaper! The bill to do the fuel pump change at the mechanic would have been around CAN$ 700.- +, the cheapest one I found anyway….

Dodge Caravan Fuel Pump, 2020 DODGE Caravan Minier 61759 IL

2004 Dodge GRAND CARAVAN – CUT FLOOR ACCESS HOLE for FUEL PUMP CHANGE, New DODGE Challenger 2017 Dodge Caravan Fuel Pump, Mapleton 84664 UT.

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