2014 Chrysler Town and Country Jack Points Local New Limerick 4761 ME

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Update DODGE Caravan & Dodge Caravan Jack Points – 2014 Chrysler Town and Country Jack Points in Melcher 50163 IA.

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In this video, I go through a step-by-step guide of the 2014 Chrysler Town and Country jack points. Knowing the location of your jack points is a must when it comes to car repair. An incorrect placing of your jack stand can cause the vehicle to fall while you are under it. Placing your jack on the wrong lift point can cause damage to your vehicle’s floorboard. So I show you the correct locations on the front and rear of the vehicle. Thank you for checking out my channel, make sure you hit subscribe to catch all of my future videos. Thank you again and stay safe!

————————-Parts Used in Video————————-
Jack stands-
Chock blocks-

————————Contents of Video—————————–
0:00 Intro to Video
0:30 The Importance of Jack Safety
3:44 Front jack locations
6:00 How to check your jack stands when placed on side of the vehicle
6:44 Rear jack locations

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