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Update DODGE Caravan and Dodge Caravan Images – 2018 New Dodge Grand Caravan From Memphis 37501 TN.

Reluctant to say goodbye to its family-hauling icon, Dodge has decided to continue offering the Grand Caravan for 2018 even though it is badly outclassed by both its rivals and its corporate sibling, the Chrysler Pacifica. As the least expensive new minivan on the market, the Grand Caravan has a single selling point: thrift. Its low-rent interior offers space for seven or eight passengers, and its cargo capacity is good, but buyers in the market for a high-tech infotainment package or a suite of active safety features should look elsewhere. You get what you pay for, and the Grand Caravan is a clearance-rack stalwart. HOT, FLAME, dodge, dodgers, dodge grand, dodge grand caravan, dodge grand caravan 2014, dodge grand caravan 2012, dodge grand caravan sxt, dodge grand caravan rt, dodge grand caravan 2008, dodge grand caravan 2005, dodge grand caravan review, dodge grand caravan 2010, dodge grand caravan 2007, dodge grand caravan 2006, dodge grand caravan 2011, dodge grand caravan se

What’s New for 2018?
The only change to Dodge’s venerable Grand Caravan for 2018 is the introduction of a new color. Much to the delight of the Wolverine fans here at C/D’s offices in Ann Arbor, Michigan, it’s named IndiGo Blue.
Few things changed for the Grand Caravan. The biggest revision was a reduction in trim levels, from six to four: SE, SE Plus, SXT, and GT. All trim levels were enhanced with a 6.5-inch touchscreen infotainment system and a backup camera, while SE Plus models got Dodge’s popular Blacktop appearance package (17-inch aluminum wheels, black exterior detailing, and an all-black interior) as standard fare.
While other minivans focus on luxury—Chrysler’s Pacifica can crest the $49,000 mark when fully equipped—the Grand Caravan sells on value. A fully spec’d GT model will struggle to hit $40,000 with every conceivable accessory included. It’s the value van, and as such we’d take it a step further and select the midrange SE Plus trim. It adds plenty of features versus the base SE, among them:

Our selected Grand Caravan starts at $29,790, saving us $20,000 compared with a loaded Pacifica. That extra cash might be better allocated to college savings plans for the occupants of the second and

Under the Grand Caravan’s stubby hood is a 3.6-liter V-6 engine churning out 283 horsepower. It emits a surprisingly baritone growl when the driver is deep into the throttle. Despite the lively feel, the Grand Caravan returned the slowest zero-to-60-mph time in this matchup. We have few complaints about the six-speed automatic transmission, although its rivals offer fuel-saving eight-, nine-, and 10-speed automatics, which renders the Grand Caravan’s transmission outdated. Shifts are never abrupt, but it’s hesitant to downshift for extra passing power.

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Dodge Caravan Images, 2019 DODGE Caravan Memphis 37501 TN

2018 New Dodge Grand Caravan, Latest DODGE Challenger and Dodge Caravan Images, Memphis 37501 TN.

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