Chrysler Grand Voyager ALARM SET problem FIXED !! Local Montgomeryville 18936 PA

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New DODGE Caravan With Dodge Caravan Problems – Chrysler Grand Voyager ALARM SET problem FIXED !! From Mesa 85203 AZ.

In this Video I try to show how I fixed the ‘ALARM SET’ Immobilizer issue in my Chrysler Grand voyager. (Dodge Caravan)
Mine is a 1999 model 3.3LE But as far as I can work out this issue has effected both previous and later models, your dash and cluster might be slightly different to this one, but the problem I found might be the same on other models.

Please forgive the shaky hand held… I just used my Phone to make this vid and so there are also odd squeeky noise and lots of mic issues. Cant be helped, I just hope you can see and understand what it is I am doing, if you have any questions regarding any of the steps I took, please drop me a comment and Ill try and respond.

Tools I needed
Stubby Ph No2
Regular Ph No2
Soldering iron, Solder.
Herbal Tea and sandals (Not essential…I’m just a bit of a hippy)
In all it took about an hour and a half, strip down, repair, rebuild, But knowing how to do it now it could probably be done much quicker.

PLEASE NOTE. I am not a mechanic, I have no training or qualifications, I just have a screw driver and a stubborn attitude. What I do in this video worked for me, I hope that this video might help someone who has the same issue, I would however suggest you get another opinion before stripping down your car and getting the soldering iron out…. But if like me, you want to fix this without spending £1000…. this is probably a good thing to at least try before buying ECU or new key fobs as suggested by most. Good luck. I hope it helps!

Thanks for watching.

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