Fiat Ducato (Ram ProMaster) Van Life Camper Conversion – External LPG Gas Tank Install From Maple Plain 55359 MN

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Latest DODGE Caravan and Dodge Caravan Gas Tank – Fiat Ducato (Ram ProMaster) Van Life Camper Conversion – External LPG Gas Tank Install From Maple Plain 55359 MN.

So, if you hadn’t gathered by now, I’m converting a Fiat Ducato panel van into a campervan so that I can live the van life!

FYI, Fiat Ducato’s are essentially the same as Ram ProMasters, Citroen Relays and Peugot Boxers.

In this episode I install the 25 litre external gas (LPG) tank.

I purchased the tank from a company called Tinley Tech, here’s a link to the kit that I bought:

The kit cost £327.54 plus VAT. This is more expensive than fitting an internal butane tank which you might be able to pick up for £50.

If you are fitting an internal gas tank into the van you should be installing it into a sealed gas locker for example the locker sold here by Kiravans:

The cost of the gas locker is £103.50. So the external tank is around £200 more expensive when you consider the cost of an internal tank and a locker. However I think that the advantages of fitting an external tank are worth the extra cost.

I see the advantages as follows:

– Larger capacity
– Less space taken up in the van
– Ease of re-fillling – no need to remove the bottle from the van, it can be refilled at petrol station that sell LPG
– If there is a leak from the tank, it is less of an issue as it is outside of the van.

Topics covered in this video:
How to install an external LPG tank
Campervan gas tank
PTFE Gas Sealant Tape –
4-way gas manifold –

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Video Transcript:
So I’ve decided to go for an external gas bottle, a 25 litre LPG tank that sits on the underside of the vehicle.

The reasons that I decided to go for that was because I didn’t want a gas bottle taking up room on the inside of the vehicle and really if you’re fitting a gas bottle to the inside of a vehicle, you should be fitting a sealed gas locker. (Example of gas locker that I previously fitted to a VW T6 given). Which again takes up more room and is of greater expense. So, I thought I would just go for an external gas tank.

So this is my Gas tank, my propane tank. I’ve just assembled it – you have to screw all of the valves in. So I’ll show you. So you have to screw all of these in. The gauge, the inlet, the filler, the outlet (to the van, and the pressure relief valve. When I screwed them in I used some PTFE tape on the threads (gas sealant tape) which just seals the threads. I didn’t put it on the items that already has the blue sealant on the threads but I put it on all the other items including the bolts threads that hold the fixings in place. This is regulator, the is the end that goes to the van so that I can plug in my water heater, air heater, gas hob and gas cooker/ grill. This basically goes to the outside of the van where this will be fitted. And then you connect that to the LPG pumps at the petrol station.

So it came with these brackets which I’ve just put on, and the tank had to be set so that the valves on the tank were 105 degree from the top dead centre (TDC) of the tank. So I made up a paper protractor and stuck this to the tank so that I was able to measure this.

Transcript to be continued.

Dodge Caravan Gas Tank, 2019 DODGE Caravan Maple Plain 55359 MN

Fiat Ducato (Ram ProMaster) Van Life Camper Conversion – External LPG Gas Tank Install, News about DODGE Challenger and Dodge Caravan Gas Tank, Maple Plain 55359 MN.

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