install trailer wiring 2018 chevrolet equinox 118750 – For Midway 84049 UT

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New DODGE Caravan or Dodge Caravan Trailer Hitch – install trailer wiring 2018 chevrolet equinox 118750 – For Midway 84049 UT.

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Full transcript:
Speaker 1: Today on our 2018 Chevrolet Equinox, you’re going to be taking a look at and I’m gonna show you how to install the Tekonsha T1 Vehicle Wiring Harness for four pole flat trailer connector, part number 118750.This is going to provide us with all the necessary functions for our trailer. Our brake lights, our running lights, both turn signals and our ground. It’s also going to come with a provided dust cap. This is going to help protect our connections from dirt and debris and moisture. One great thing about the attached dust cap is that when you’re not using it, you can wrap it around and use the dust cap as a holder to help keep your wiring off the ground.Another great thing about this wiring is it has a converter box. What that converter box does, it’s going to protect your factory wiring in your vehicle from any back feed from your trailer and vice versa.

If there’s a problem with the wiring it’s going to protect the wiring either way.Now that we’ve gone over some of the features of our wiring, let me show you how to get it installed. First thing we’re going to do is we need to remove our taillights. You can use a plastic trim panel tool or you can use a small flat heat screwdriver, we need to pop these little caps off. You’re going to take a T-15 Torx bit and you remove those two screws. Remember that if you just kind of wiggle it like this and you’re going to pull it straight back, but if you kind of hit back on it like that, it’ll help break these loose out of here.

Once you get it out, you’re going to take these two harnesses off. You’re going to push down on that tab and pull out. This one you want to push down on that gray section right here, like that. You’re going to do that same thing to the other side.Your wire’s going to be coming up behind our fascia here. There’s a couple different ways to do it.

You can use an airline tube, wire hangers, wire hanger’s a little hard to come by anymore. Another simple way is anything that has a little weight on it, you can see here, we’ve got a nut with a piece of string, use kite string, anything like that. You can even use a wrench that has a closed end on it. You’re going to take it and drop it, just like that, to where it comes out of the bottom. Then to make it easy on yourself, go ahead and connect your black wire that you’re going to be running up to the battery to the black wire coming off of your converter box.We’ll go ahead and strip back.

We’re going to add on our heat shrink butt connector. Cut it down, then we’ll add the black wire coming off our converter box. We’re going to take a heat source and shrink up our butt connector. Now we’ll take the side with our yellow wire, we’ll take this white end right here and take our nut that we got in there and what we’re going to do is just pinch the wire a little bit and feed it through the nut. You can take either one of these just to kind of keep it in place. We’ll go ahead and pull our string up. Just like that. All we’re going to do is we’re going to match our ends. This is going to be our T that’s going to go back into our taillight. Plug it in, plug that back in in place and we can reinstall our taillight.Now we need to find a place to mount our converter box. Your kit’s going to come with two-sided sticky tape. You can mount this. There’s not really anywhere on this side to mount it. We have this steeler 00:04:18 stuff all along this edge. We can go right here. What I’m going to do is I’m actually going to zip tie it right to this existing wiring. So I’ll take one of our zip ties in our kit, just like that. You’ll have a hole right in the end of your converter box. Zip tie it there. Then I’ll throw a couple more around it just like that, maybe one on the wire end here. That’ll help hold it in place.Next we need to mount our grind wire. Needs to be on a metal surface. We can do it anywhere in here. I think I’m just going to do it right there. We’ll take our self-tapping screw, 1/4″ socket, just like that. Give us a good ground. Next we need to route our green wire over to our passenger side, our four pole to the center. Let me do that real quick and I’ll show you how I did it.I took my four pole wire and the green wire going over on my passenger side and I ran over the top of my bumper beam here. You can see as it tied to the existing wiring. Got my four pole wiring right here to the center of the veh

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