My 2005 Grand Dodge Caravan Camper Box From Mount Pleasant 38649 MS

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News About DODGE Caravan 2017 Dodge Caravan Camper – My 2005 Grand Dodge Caravan Camper Box From Mount Pleasant 38649 MS.

Don”t get me wrong… I love camping, but I love climbing more…. so when it comes down to heading out to the crag, I want to spend more time climbing than setting up camping gear (tents, etc.)… I am separated from my wife and we do 50/50 with the children, so I needed a solution, so when I am kid free, seats are down (stow n’ go) in my 2005 dodge grand caravan and then my (already stocked) camper box goes in, and then I go climbing, and when I have my kids the camper box rolls out and the seats go back up for “kids transport mode”… in this video the box is empty, (because it is the first weekend of the season) but I am sure you get the just of it…. I have seen too many camper videos where people get off topic and just start talking about the gear that they own and how their gear works,… I want this video to inspire this ‘camper box’ and it’s functionality for the weekend warrior, and the options it offers from “single person sleeping” to “double (two person) bed mode” with it’s “Jacob ladder configuration from ‘couch mode to double bed mode’ to it’s pull out drawers for sitting on, or cooking on, with access to everything when you pull out the drawer or, from sitting inside if it is raining out, one at a time, or if you lift the whole lid you have access to everything. It’s on wheels for easy loading in and out of the vehicle. This setup can also be used for stealth camping, or camper van life

I know the gear I keep stored in it for my use for climbing and yours may differ. So I want to pass on the functionality of this ‘camper box’ so you can utilize it to your own liking… because what I keep and use inside mine will differ from what you need and will use in yours 😉

Dodge Caravan Camper, 2020 DODGE Caravan Mount Pleasant 38649 MS

My 2005 Grand Dodge Caravan Camper Box, Latest DODGE Challenger 2017 Dodge Caravan Camper, Mount Pleasant 38649 MS.

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