Review of 2018 Hymer Aktiv 1.0 | 20 Foot Camper Van that Sleeps 4 in Lula 30554 GA

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Update DODGE Caravan 2017 Dodge Caravan Camper – Review of 2018 Hymer Aktiv 1.0 | 20 Foot Camper Van that Sleeps 4 in Lula 30554 GA.

A detailed review of the 2018 Erwin Hymer Aktiv 1.0 – a 20 foot camper van that can sleep 4.

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The big difference between European and North American camper van buyers is the age of the buyer. In Europe families buy camper vans. In North America retirees do. Families need more berths for sleeping. Retired couples do not. But the class B market in North America is changing – younger buyers with families are coming onto the scene and Erwin Hymer is ready to usher them into the Hymer Aktiv.

The Hymer Aktiv 1.0 is built on the shorter 19 foot 6 inch in length Ram Promaster chassis. That’s a front wheel drive, gas chassis based on the wildly popular Ducato chassis in Europe. It’s shorter length puts it in direct competition with the 19 foot 6 inch Mercedes Sprinter and all the benefits of driving a camper van that can park in a standard length parking spot. Better still, it rings in at thousands of dollars less than the Mercedes vans.

The biggest selling point of the Aktiv 1.0 is that it can sleep 4 people. There’s a permanent bed in the rear where two adults can sleep comfortably and an optional second bed can be made in the front by converting the front lounge to a small bed. That means this little van can carry 4 passengers with shoulder restraints and sleep them as well.

It’s all because of that wonderful front lounge – bright, open and spacious it is the center piece of the Aktiv line of products. The large sky light combined with the double paned acrylic side windows and cab windows give you pretty much windows all around. The table flips up from the driver’s side of the van and then extends neatly to accommodate 4 people when the cab seats swivel around. I really like that the table easily folds down when you don’t want it. It mean you don’t need to find a place to stow the table when it’s not in use.

The galley is surprisingly large for a van this short. There’s plenty of soft close drawers for pots and pans and plates; a cupboard above and a sliver of kitchen storage between the jump seats and bathroom facing the aisle-way. There’s a compressor refrigerator and a small microwave. I’m not too keen on the material for the counter tops nor the painting for the backsplash. I’d much prefer the treatments found on the European model (called the Yosemite). They look higher end.

The bathroom is small but ingeniously designed with a cassette toilet (no black tank) and a flip down sink. The cassette toilet can be swiveled around out of the way to make more room when you need to shower. Brilliant. There’s a large fantastic fan dedicated to the bathroom and two mirrors. There’s also a bamboo floor insert which dresses up the bathroom. The only thing I wished they’d included from the European model is a window behind the flip down sink.

The bedroom is in the rear of the van and features a permanent bed that can be flipped up when not in use. This creates a large space for hauling gear or luggage. When you want to use the bed, just flip it down – there’s still a gigantic space underneath the bed where cargo can be stored. The mattress looks comfortable to sleep on. It’s thick and uses memory foam. Wooden slates support the mattress and give you excellent air flow underneath. There are lots of cabinets above and below for storage.

Component wise the Aktiv I reviewed had 400 amp hours of lithium batteries, the Truma Combi combined heating and water heater along with ducted heating, solar panels, a 2000w inverter and Voltstart. The advertised price was $89k which is a very compelling price for everything you get.

I highly recommend the Hymer Aktiv 1.0 for any family with kids or grandkids who want a camper van that can park anywhere and sleep 4. The quality of the Aktiv in my estimation is higher than the Travato 59G and Erwin Hymer offers their excellent 6 year warranty to boot.

Thumbs up to Erwin Hymer for creating such a compelling camper vans for families.

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