Sarah’s splendid Islander Class B motorhome Tour Local Minot Afb 58704 ND

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New DODGE Caravan With Dodge Caravan Forum – Sarah’s splendid Islander Class B motorhome Tour Local Minot Afb 58704 ND.

Chris was very excited when we met Sarah at the Mindful Camp event near Sedona, because she owns a rare and sought-after Class B motorhome / camper van from former Canadian manufacturer Islander RV. The Islander Class B is quite unique in that it has a fully usable over-cab bed, a large bathroom and is build extremely well. Enjoy the tour!

Update: Sarah now has her own channel, you can follow her adventures here:

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Dodge Caravan Forum, 2021 DODGE Caravan Minot Afb 58704 ND

Sarah’s splendid Islander Class B motorhome Tour, News about DODGE Challenger With Dodge Caravan Forum, Minot Afb 58704 ND.

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