Unreal Dodge Caravan 34 MPG !!! in Losantville 47354 IN

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News About DODGE Caravan 2017 Dodge Caravan Fuel Economy – Unreal Dodge Caravan 34 MPG !!! For Mc Neil 78651 TX.

I’ve reached fantastic MPG of 34 (6.8l/100Km) after filling gas in Bufallo area, and driving back to Canada, The MPG Increased after half an hour driving, when I filled my car, tank was almost empty.
Before while filling in Canada I never had less than 23MPG (10L/100Km). It was almost Highway driving.
Filled the cheapest gas 87 Octan.
Anybody noticed this difference before.?

Car = Grand Caravan 2012, 6Cyl, 3.6L engine.
Passengers = 3 Adult, One child

Dodge Caravan Fuel Economy, 2021 DODGE Caravan Marshallville 41452 KY

Unreal Dodge Caravan 34 MPG !!!, New DODGE Challenger With Dodge Caravan Fuel Economy, Los Angeles 90039 CA.

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